Destination Harstad official travel guide

Official touristinformation for: Harstad, Kvæfjord, Bjarkøy, Tjeldsund, Skånland.


Accommodation is available in Harstad and the surrounding region in good hotels, youth hostels, schools, club houses, camping grounds, cabins and storehouses on pillars, as well as private accommodation on farms and in houses.

Hotels: Harstad has more than 330 hotel rooms, all of which offer a high standard and service level.

Out of the city, you will find several exciting places to stay including Sandtorgholmen Hotel, featuring a collection of historic buildings, or the incredible Valhall on the island of Krøttøy. At Grøtavær Brygge guests may choose between full pension and self catering.

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Sandtorgholmen Hotel - accommodation

Sandtorgholmen Hotel is idyllically located on a peninsula that juts out into Tjeldsundet - strait that separates Hinnøya from the mainland.

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Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus

The most enjoyable hotel in the city, with a fantastic quayside location.

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Harstad Camping AS

Harstad Camping is located by the sea in idyllic surroundings 5 km south of Harstad.

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Thon Hotel Harstad

Thon Hotel Harstad is a new modern hotel with great conference facilities. The well equipped rooms have parquet floors, and most of them feature fa..

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Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus - accommodation

We offer accomondation in a farm store dating from 1700. Sleeps 6 in 2 double rooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Suitable for families in av quiet..

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Grøtavær Brygge

Grøtavær Brygge offers different types of accomondation.

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Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell AS - Fishermans cabin

At Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotel, you can rent great seacabins with a very high standard.

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Harstad Wilderness center Heggenkollen

Heggekollen is only 6 minutes drive from the city center, but located in nature nice area.

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Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell

Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotel is located just 18 km from Harstad Narvik Airport Evenes.

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Scandic Harstad

Scandic Harstad located in beautiful Harstad , walking distance to everything the city has to offer. Location near the harbor and waterfront.

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Guest Marina, Meløyvær in Harstad

It is a fantastic archipelago consisting of 52 islands. Fine white sandy beaches and excellent conditions for walking around the islands.

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Elgsnes gård

Elgsnes located in a scenic area with mountains and fjords, green meadows and a rich flora and fauna.

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Guest Marina, Foldvik in Gratangen

Fish preparation shack for fishing trips. Marked hiking tracks. Maritime museum and craft protection centre.

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Guest Marina, Harstad Port

Walking distance to shopping, cinema, cultural center, gallery and swimming facilities.

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Guest Marina, Grøtavær

Fine skerries, islets, islands and beaches.

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Guest Marina, Harstadbotn

Guest marina approx. 2 km from Harstad center.

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Guest Marina, Hagan i Harstad

The web camera covers the city and surrounding sea area, but the marina is not visible. Ca 600 m to grocery store.

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Rooms for rent in Turlagshuset at Folkeparken.

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